A letter to all who wants to give up !

In life there comes a time when the blankness, the nothingness, the blackness of future seems so heavy to imagine, when you feel the void and shallow and cold breeze of life, that you stop seeing the future all together, to stop that pain that it may inflict, and all you want to do is […]

5 motivational quotes to kick failure in the butt !

” It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.” – J.K. Rowing Failures are inevitable. We will experience failures if we try some What do we say to ourselves when we […]

Mummy, Thank You !

I salute to all Mothers on this special day ! Thanks for taking on the hardest role. Most often than not, sacrifice and being a mom are synonymous. Sometimes, there are no rest days … But you kept on keeping on … I just want to say a big THANK YOU to you. *Please feel […]

A letter from me to you

Dear Readers, A letter from me to you. All the time that you have spent up until now, all the time that you have left, you should know that all that failures that you define your existence upon do not exist, for all the times that you have failed you learned something new, don’t let […]

Three Ways To Stay Motivated While Working Towards A Goal

The mere fact of you reading this article means that you know motivation is necessary to achieve your goals or dreams. Working steadily towards a goal is not easy. Distractions can take your mind from what you are working on, causing you to lose valuable time. Setbacks may discourage you and make you want to […]


According to the Mayo Clinic, traits such as optimism and pessimism can influence other personal aspects such as outlook on life and overall well-being (including physical health). Fortunately, it is possible to overcome negative attitudes towards yourself or others through affirmation. Below is some more information on this topic. Definition of Affirmation Affirmation simply involves […]

Positive Thinking

* Taken by Ondrej Supitar There may be periods in life when it seems like negativity is constantly around, destroying hope and strangling dreams. When this occurs, a number of individuals spend their days shrouded in negativity. Some even accepts it as a way of life. You will not always have power over what happens […]

Success = knowing thy strengths

The American table tennis team was determined to beat the China table tennis team. The Beijing Olympics came and went. The Chinese beat them easily. The American team were so demoralized that the coaches spoke to the China coaches. “What is it that we are missing? …” “It’s simple. If our team player has an awesome forehand but […]

Passion: the Search for Fulfillment

The fact that you are reading this article means that you want more out of life. You are right! There is more!                                        Happiness or Fulfillment? Happiness often seems ephemeral — difficult to attain and easy to […]

Self Awareness is the Key to Success

What is self awareness? Self awareness is the ability to recognize oneself as a person separate from other individuals and the environment. It is the capacity for introspection. A person who is self-aware tends to have a clear perception of his/her personality, including beliefs, thoughts, emotions, motivation, strengths, and weaknesses. This quality allows individuals to […]